Wednesday Halaqa: Low 3112. 6pm. Discussion over which Topic to choose for the rest of the semester:

Bismillah. Alhumdulillah. Salaatu wa Salaam ala’ Rasulullah.
Today we discussed two topics which we could learn about over the rest of the Fall 06 semester.

The two are: Fiqh of Marriage, and Education of the Da’e (one who invites towards Islam).

The Books Sheikh Djafr mentioned are the following
Tuhfatul Aroos (Ornaments of the Bride/Groom) by Mahmoud Mahdi Al Istambu’li.

and Fakafatu Ad da’eyah (Education of a Da’eyah) by Yusuf Al Karadawi

First we discussed what each book consists of:

Tuhfatul Aroos: Summary of the book

  1. The Islamic perspective of Marriage: Its an Act of worshipping Allah.
  2. Procedure of finding a spouse .
  3. Incorrect ways of finding a spouse.
  4. Al Khidbah – “The Proposal”
  5. Where does love come in?
  6. Procedure of the wedding.
  7. Intimate details (The relationship, medical perspectives)
  8. Family life – (economic, relation with spouse, rights over children)
  9. Divorce (God Forbid)
  10. Family Law is very solid in Islam (Alhumdulillah)

We are also reminded with this topic that: ” La Haya’ Fid’deen” -” There is no shyness in learning the Religion (Islam).” So with this topic of marriage, ofcourse there are details which invovle intamacy, but they cannot be ignored because we need to learn them instead of just presuming we know them.

The Second book: Fakafatu Ad da’eyah: Summary of the book:

The Da’i or the One who calls to Islam has to be well versed in these following five areas:

  1. Islamic Education: Quran, Tafsir, Uloom
    Style of the Quran
    Sunnah -> Hadith
    Fiqh -> Understanding of Madh’hab and differences between them.
    Islamic History
  2. Linguistic ->Knowing Arabic well to feel the flavor of the words
  3. Sciences: ex) Learning economic systems to be able to explain Riba’ (forbidance of interest in Islam)
  4. Being aware of Humanity – > anthropomology, evolution of Humans overtime
  5. Being aware of the era -> What is going on currently.

So this was a breif overview of the two topics we have to choose from for the rest of the semester. The Fiqh of Marriage was chosen for the rest of the Fall 06 semester, and next semester we will begin the educaiton of a Da’e insha Allah.

Insha Allah Wednesday November 8th will be the first class on Fiqh Of Marriage: 6:00pm-7:00pm in Low 3112.

Alhumdulillah. Salaatu wa salaam ala’ Rasulullah.

Walekum as salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.