8/1/06 – 6:30pm – Tuesday – Taught in Musalah of Musjid Al Hidaya

Taught by Sh. Mokhtar Maghroui

In the name of Allah the Most Compassionate, Most Merciful.

Peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Mohammad.

Discourse #48: (As translated by Sh. Mokhtar and attempted to be noted by this humble student, please let me know of mistakes, Jazakullah kheyrun)

“The Mu’min should first occupy himself first with the obligations and when he is finished from that he should occupy himself with the sunnan, then thereafter he should occupy himself with the nawafil and faraidh. The Mu’min who has yet to reach consistancy in obligations, then his or her occupation in sunnan is foolishness and stupidity. The one who occupies himself with the sunnah and nawafil (before obligations), Allah will not accept from him and he will be humiliated. The example of that is like a man who is called by the king to work in the court of the king, instead of going to the king he spends his time serving the servant of the king.”

Reflections by Sh. Mokhtar:

What is the difference between Sunnah and nafila. There is an Usulee Definition and a Fiqee Definition.

  • General word Sunnah covers everything that Rasullah said or did or approved of.
    • This is the Usulee definition
  • Fiqee defintion is like Sunnah vs Nafila vs Mustahab.

This shows to take the steps steadily. Do not rush into Obligations+Sunnan+Nafila all at once.

Sign of following Hawa’ : If doing Sunnah and nafila and not doing fard.

Minal Fadail: Virtuous, not highly reccomended. No text about it. Ex: eating once a day, giving alot of charity.

And of the obligations are to keep away from haraam and shirk (associating creations with Allah, attatchment to the khalq, worshipping the self). Also one form of haraam is that we express dissatisfaction in the qada and qadr (decree and will) of Allah, and to please the creations and obey them while we pull away from the order of Allah and His obedience. (that is the essence of ubudiya [worship]).

Prophet (saw):”The creature will not be obeyed if he doesn’t obey his creator.”

Unless it is part of the heart, it comes and goes. The intellect comes and goes.

Jamiyatul Quloob: Qalb is collected on Allah.

Like an athlete in training: Difficulty is removed by sincerity.

If you feel rububiya in the qalb, you are invisioned (in shuhood). Rare are those who take this path. Take it seriously and Allah will know that. Build real attatchments to Allah.

After Jama’ there is farkh:

  • Jama’ first: Allah alone in everything. Interacting with people but still in shuhood.
  • Farkh: seperative, distinctive vision.

Discourse #49: (As translated by Sh. Mokhtar and attempted to be noted by this humble student, please let me know of mistakes, Jazakullah kheyrun)

” The one who chooses sleep instead of that which is the cause for alertness, indeed he has chosen that which is less and low, and has chosen to be in the company of unawareness and death. Verily because sleep is the brother of Death. That is why it is not possible for Allah to sleep, for He is Exaulted from every deficiency imaginable. Similarly the angels don’t sleep, on account of their proximity to Allah. The dwellers in Jannah, because of their exaulted, pure, desirable position, Allah prevented sleep from them for it would be deficiency to Sleep. All good is in awakefulness, evil all evil is in sleep (unawakefulness). And therefore, the one who eats by his hawa’ will eat alot, drink alot and sleep alot. And consequently such a person will regret alot and for a long time will be in a state of grief, and he will miss alot of kheyr. And the one who eats even a little haraam is like the one who ate alot of halal by his hawa’. Because haram viels imaan and darkens it, like wine will darken the aql (intellect) and will cover it. And if Imaan is darkened, there is no Salaah (prayer) or ibada (worship) or ikhlaas (sincerity). And if a person eats alot of Halaal (permissible), not by his nafs, but by Allah’s command (bil amr), the effect of that will be like the effect of eating only little of halaal. And halaal is light in light. And haraam is darkness in darkness, there is no use in it. Therefore eating halal with hawa’ is not in accordance to the command of Allah, and eating haram , both of which draw sleep.”

Reflections by Sh. Mokhtar:

The more we sleep, the less we are near to Allah.

This is an indication. Know that you have retreated to your nafs (lower self)

Allah doesn’t sleep, Angels don’t sleep, Humans in Jannah don’t sleep.

The mu’min eats to sustain himself (herself). The one who is not a mu’min enjoys himself.

Realize this. I’m sick, I need medication. (this is part of the cure)

I pray Allah guides us on this path of Tazkiya and protects us from the fitna of this Dunya and of our nafs.

Salatu Wa Salaam ala’ Rasulullah.

Walekum as salaam warahmatullahi wabarakatahu