From a lecture given by Sheikh Husain Abdul Sattar found HERE

In the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful. Peace and blessings be upon Prophet Mohammad.

Everyone has the inherent ability to have khushu’ (enjoy, focus, gain tranquility).

The question is , where does the individual focus this Khushu’?

Khushu’ in Salaah:

1) Salaah is built upon tahara.

  •     Discuss the foundation first, Making sure the foundation will support the building.
  • Salaah will build upon this.
  • The heart is the real foundation upon which the depth of Salaah rests upon

2) Focus on Salaah itself

  • Fiqh of Salaah has to be known
  • For ex: Big emphasis on where you look – hanafi fiqh
  • Allah responds to your recitation of Surah Fatihah, found in Hadith.
    • 1. Alhamdulillahi Rabil ‘alameen – Allah responds ‘My slave has praised Me’2. ArRahman arRaheem – ‘My slave has extolled Me’

      3. Maliki youmi Deen – ‘My slave has proclaimed My Greatness’

      4. Iyyaka na’budu wa iyyaka nasta’een – ‘This is between Me and My slave and I grant to My slave what he has asked

      5. Ihdinaa siraat al-mustaqeen – ‘All this is there for My slave. He shall be given what he prays for.’ The remaining ayaat have the same response

      6. Siraat al-latheena in’amata ‘alaihim

      7. Ghair il-maghdoubi ‘alayhim wa la daleen

  • Its the Sunnah that attracts the barakah into Salaah that makes you from among the Khashieen (ones who have khushu’)

3) Remember the goal of khushu’ –

  • For beginner – Khushu’ in Fard Salah
  • Dont battle for it in Tahajood until in the Fard salaah
  • Create a buffer around Fard Salaah –
  • One problem why Khushu not there, is because other things on the mind
  • (Muraqaba)
  • Nafila or Sunnah Salaah -> is a buffer zone to dissapate
  • Best time for muraqaba is when waiting for Salaah
  • Muraqaba before Salaah. – you WILL think about things, but thats good so those things leave the mind before Salah

Make sure we buffer our Salaah
After Fard, then sunnah then Nafila
Buffer the time as well insha Allah

Biggest mistake is to think that I dont have Khushu’.
The problem is that we place the Khushu’ in the wrong direction
The one who succeeds is the one whose focus becomes the deen. May Allah grant us this focus. Ameen ya rabb.

Peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Mohammad.

Walekum as salaam warahmatullah.