I’m taking a course called Microelectronics, and we learned about Semiconductors.

Now don’t stop reading this because you think its boring, theres a lesson learned Alhumdulillah.

A semiconductor is a material which is between a conductor and an insulator. A slight change to the semiconductor can make it into a conductor or insulator.

At the molecular level, the change from insulator to conductor occurs when an electron is freed (see figure below). Just one electron is needed to be freed. When this electron is freed, a hole is created. Because of this hole, just one hole, electrons can start moving around and bumping each other. This allows electricity to flow and the semiconductor starts conducting.

SubhanAllah I was thinking about it, so its like us. We just need to take one step towards change, one step towards Allah. The rest of the electricity will flow.  Come to Allah walking, Allah will come to you Running, and He be exalted from all analogies.

Don’t think its ok to be like the rest of the electrons, become one which will produce electricity insha Allah, therefore producing energy, and thus change insha Allah to goodness and rightousness and in accordance with Islam. Ameen ya Rabb.

Please forgive me if I mentioned anything incorrect, Please pray I pass this class’s exams as well as the Most important Exam of this Duniya.  Ya Rabb grant us kheyr (goodness) in this Dunya (this world) and kheyr in Akhira (the afterlife) and grant us protection and safety from the fire of Hell. Ameen.