Tuesday March 27th, 2007

Sheikh Mokhtar Maghroui

Musjid Al Hidaya

  • Question’s
    • What is the fastest way to Tazkiyah?
      • Tazkiyah is the path to selflessness. Its not the end, its a means.
      • Nehi – active prohibition of the nafs
      • Wasool – The level when you are liberated from the self. – it can only be accomplished by traversing the path of tazkiyah and by the Will of Allah.
    • Why don’t I feel the sweetness of reciting Qur’an?
      • We may not be truly traveling the path of tazkiyah yet. Once the heart is cleansed, it will begin to feel the sweetness of Reciting the Qur’an. Allah gives knowledge of things never written in any book to those whose hearts are pure and ready to receive divine light. Have sabr and wait for this sweetness on this path.
    • How can I focus more in Salaah (khushoo), is it permissable to close ones eyes to better focus?
      • Khushoo in salaah is mandatory, it is a Rukn (pillar) of Salaah.
      • It is Makrooh to close the eyes in salaah because Rasulullah (sal-Allahu-alayhi-wasallam) never did that. Rasulullah (sal-Allahu-alayahi-wasallam) said “Perform your salaah as you see me perform mine.”
        • Since Khushoo is mandatory, it is ok to close your eyes to refocus. This does not mean that you can close your eyes, it means that it is ok to close them for a few seconds to help you to refocus. (Then Sheikh Mokhtar showed us that you can even squint your eyes, it blocks out other items in your sight and helps you to focus too, and also you wont have to close your eyes.)
    • If a person on the path of tazkiyah wants to eat less, sleep less, and be in khalwa, and he/she can only do one of them with most ihsaan, or can do all of them with little ihsaan in each, which should he/she do (all three, or just one with ihsaan)?
      • Eating less leads to sleeping less. Khalwa is a means to focus the qalb, and this helps all of the above. All of these inheretly have no value, unless they are done with the intent to get nearer to Allah. I eat less, sleep less, speak less to get nearer to Allah. I am alone more to reflect on Allah and be nearer to Him, not to do more haraam things when noone is looking.
  • Salaah Break
  • Qur’an – ” O mankind, be mindful of your Lord (have awe and fear from your Lord, be concious of your Lord)”
    • Requires us to be in Muraqabah – watching the state of our Qalb
      • watching what goes into and out of our hearts.
        • Our ideas – are they subjected to the screen of touhid.
  • Qur’an continued – “For the trembling of the hour is a matter that is momentous, for when you will witness that, the nursing mothers will loose their minds and drop their babies” – Not exact translation, be aware.
  • Qur’an cont. – Everyone which carries a baby (all animals) will abort, and then you will see that humans are intoxicated but they are not intoxicated but because the wrath of Allah is mighty.
  • Qur’an continued – “Yet of human beings who argue of God without knowledge (ilm) and instead follows every wild rebellious devils (human and jinn). Allah has prescribed that anyone who follows this devil, Allah will cause them to loose his way (start doubting)”
    • Misery of loosing the way is in this dunya and in akhira. Such will have a life of a compressed chest (anxiety, doubt, lack of peace of mind and heart)
    • So be always in a state of Muraqabah, Just wakeup if you loose watch. Be like the watchman on the tower who is looking over his town, if you fall asleep, just wake yourself up!
  • Rasulullah (sal-Allahu-alayhi-wasallam): “Thee virtues, Allah will enter him Jannah. That you give those who deprive you, and you forgive those who transgress you, and you connect the ties of those who severe the ties with you.”
    • If these virtues are not saught, then it is not Tazkiyah
    • Transgression- Becareful that you perceive yourself wronged, if not wronged.
      • Dont take your perception as the reason for defining the transgression
    • Family first
    • Am I free from my nafs? Let me see, let me observe myself in the above mentioned scenarios when they actually occur.
      • This is the test we can use to see if I have advanced or reversed.
  • Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al Jilani – Discourse: ” You have become oblivious as though you are not going to die…

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