Speaker: Imam Djafr

October 31st

Suratul Hujuraat – 9th year of Hijra – 1 year before Rasulullah(saw) died

“O Ye who believe! Put not yourselves forward before Allah and His Messenger; but fear Allah: for Allah is He Who hears and knows all things. “
Its a call to those who have put faith in Allah and His book
In arabic the object is not mentioned so that the reader understands that ANYTHING which is put before Allah and His messenger is not acceptableSome mufassiroon say that Allah’s name is mentioned here to show the greatness of Rasulullah (Saw)

Other mufassiroon say that it is meant to not go ahead of Allah.

Staying behind Allah

Name of Allah is mentioned here, show great respect.
Don’t volunteer your opinion before the teachings of the Qur’an
Learn the way Sahabah understood Quran first –Tafsir Ibn Kathir
Keeps away from giving your opinion about verses, unless its based on how Rasulullah (saw) explained it, and how Sahabah understood it
“Dont finalize an opinion about shariah before you know about what Allah said on it” –
Side notes: Slowing bringing prohibition of Intoxicants :Among gambling, intoxicants they are the workings of Shaytaan
Disrespectful to talk while Quran is being recitedReason behind this ettiquite of staying behind Rasulullah:


If we are sitting with our teachers and someone comes to ask a question, we do not answer it, the teacher does, or else its impolite.

“Allah and His rasul know best” – was the answer of Sahabah when asked a question from Rasulullah(saw) out of politeness.

One famous case: “A man appeared to us dressed white.. (hadith Jibrail) ”

Hadith -“The parable of a believer is like a tree, do you know which tree? ” One of the companions Abdullah ibn Umar said it came to my mind that it is the palm tree, but didn’t say it out of politeness. later on he told his father that he knew the answer and his father said “if you answered , I would be so proud!” This shows how beautiful their shyness with Rasulullah (saw) was.

The companions would walk behind Rasulullah(saw) unless he told them to walk infront of him

In eating, would wait for Rasulullah (saw)

Way to practice this NOW when rasulullah (Saw) is not here

Scholars are the heirs of the prophets, so we are to respect them like Rasulullah (saw)

Scholars are human, not all innocent, might be wrong sometimes, but still have to have ettiquite with them, but keep following Allah and Rasulullah (saw)

How define ulema:

  • When Muslim soceity comes to a consensus on the Scholarship of a person, it is most likely correct.
  • ex: Imam Malik, Abu Hanifa, Imam Shafi’, sometimes everyone accepts them.
  • Out of experience with the person, one can see the person is a true scholar by practice.
  • Better not to make a judgment if we don’t know, ask someone who we do know is knowledgeable

Respect what Rasulullah (Saw) said – Reverence at the sound of his words.

Visiting the grave of Rasulullah (saw) , pass by with respect as if he is alive now.

Respect to his Masjid, his family, to things he told us to respect

Disrespectful to talk and not listen while hadith is being taught, respect as if Rasulullah (saw) is infront of you.

Next Verse:

2. “O ye who believe! Raise not your voices above the voice of the Prophet, nor speak aloud to him in talk, as ye may speak aloud to one another, lest your deeds become vain and ye perceive not.”

  • Imagine talking loud infront of your Boss, or a policeman, or a President, or your father. Its disrespectful depending on the society
  • Rasulullah(Saw) deserves more respect than all of the above
  • Thabit ibnu Qais – after he heard this he said: “Im doomed” because he used to talk loud before, and stopped comming to masjid after he heard this. Rasulullah (saw) asked about him one day, and heard about this but told him “You are of the people of Jannah”

3. “Those that lower their voices in the presence of Allah’s Messenger,- their hearts has Allah tested for piety(taqwa): for them is Forgiveness and a great Reward.”

  • Allah prepared their hearts for taqwa, and the reward is forgiveness and a great reward
  • If taqwa – then forgiveness –

4. “Those who shout out to thee from without the inner apartments – most of them lack understanding.”

  • This is a disrespect to his (saw)’s wives too.
  • This is concerning the people from Bani Tameem – they had this behavior
  • This doesn’t punish the person who shouts, its showing that they are lacking understanding.
  • Rasulullah (saw) was very modest, so we shouldn’t take advantage of him and disrespect him because he is simple in living. Respect those who are modest, everyone deserves respect.

5. “If only they had patience until thou couldst come out to them, it would be best for them: but Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

Translation from: http://www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/quran/049.qmt.html