— in English —
One day reason said to the Heart:
I am a guide for those who are lost.
I live on the earth, but I roam the skies
Just see the vastness of my reach.
My task in the world is to guide and lead,
I am like Khizar of blessed steps. (see above in the Urdu section)
I interpret the book of life,
And through me Divine Glory shines forth!
You are no more than a drop of blood,
While I am the envy of the priceless pearl !!!

Aqal: In urdu
Aqal nea Eik Din yeh Dill seay Kahaa
Bhooley Bhatkey ki Rehnumaa hun meain!

Hun Zameen par, Guzar Falak peh mera
Dekh tu kiss Qadar rasaa hun meain!

Kaam Duniyaa mein Rehbari haiey mera
Massl Khizar Khujhta-Pa hun meain!
(Faarsi saying: “Khizar Bahar dar Qadam darad”: “Spring comes in the wake of Khizar”)

Hun Muffassar Kitaab haste ki
Mazhar shaan-e-Kibriyaa hun meain!

Boond Eik Khoon kee Heay Tu lekin
Ghearaat-e-Lal-e-be-Bahaa hun Mein!

The Heart’s Answer

— in English —
The Heart listened, and then said: This is all true,
But now look at me, and see what I am!!!
You penetrate the secret of existence,
But I see it with my eyes!!!
You deal with the outward aspects of things
I know what lies within!!! (The outward pertains to the phenomenal world, the inward to matters of the Heart and soul)
Knowledge comes from You, intuitive knowledge of spiritual truth from me!!!
You seek GOD, I reveal HIM!
Attaining the ultimate in knowledge makes one restless –
I am the cure for that ailment!!!
You are the candle of the Assembly of Truth;
I am the lamp of the Assembly of Beauty!!!
You are hampered by space and time,
While I am the “bird in the Lotus tree” (Taaeyr-e-Sidraa, see above in Urdu)
My status is so high –
I am the throne of the Majesty of GOD (According to sufistic saying, the world is too small a place to house GOD, but a believer’s Heart is large enough to house Him)

Dill ka Jawaab: In urdu
Dill ne Sunn kar kahaa: Yeh Saab such haiey
Par Mujheay bhe tu deekh kiyaa hun meain!!!

Raaz-e-Hastee ko tu samajhtee haiey,
Auur Aankhon seay Deekhtaa hun meain !!!

Hay Tujhey Waastaa Mazhaar seay,
Aur Baatin seay Aashnaa hun meain !!!

Ailm tujh seay, tu maarafaat Mujh seay,
Tu Khuda joo, Khuda Numaa hun meain !!!

Ailm kee Intihaa haiey betaabi,
Iss Marz kee Magaar Dawaa hun meain !!!

Shamma tu mehfil-e-Sadaqat kee,
Husn kee Bazm ka Diya hun meain !!!

Tu Zamaan-o-Makaan se Rishtaa Bapaa
Taaeyr-e-Sidraa Aashnaa hun meain!!! (Sidraa here is “Sidraa al-Muntaha”, the Lotus tree in heaven)

Kiss Bulandi pa haiey Maqaam mera
Arsh Rabb-e-Jaleel ka Hun meain!!!