• If we want to advance towards Allah – Need a Schedule. Even in Dunya success – need schedule
  • Life of Mohammad(saw) – deen creates schedule for us  – Salaat, Ramadhan habits
  1. Prophet (saw) would go to bed early in the evening – Pray isha and go to bed – Pray Isha in first 1/3 of night. (the night is from Maghrib till begining of Fajr )
  2. how many hours sleep? – Principle of Sh. Husain Abdul Sattar’s teacher: sleep should tell you when you sleep, should be so tired its time to sleep, let your body tell you.
  3. After Isha prayed in Jama’ – do not interact with people, go to bed after Isha prayer. – (exception – its OK to speak to spouse)
  4. “If you knew what happened when it gets dark outside, you would never leave your homes” – rough translation of Hadith – Sheikh is relating this to his experience with morgue deathes – alot of deaths coming in at 1am , 2am
  5. we see the world the way we are living it – thats our bubble
  6. Important principle – after Isha, little barakah in our time (extracted from theabove hadith)
  7. wake up early in the morning – before Fajar prayer – blessed time to seek nearness to Allah – “Allah draws near to the earth” during this time – hadith
  8. Dont jump back in bed after Fajar. “early bird catches the worm”
  9. “Sleeping after Fajar prayer blocks your Rizq” – hadith  – at that time is when you gain your provisions! sleeping then is prohibiting it
  10. Prophet (saw) would continue work till Dhur. Take nap before dhur or after dhur – Prophet (saw) did that. – 10-15min nap.  CEO’s do this, Shuyukh do this. We open branches – masajid. Corporations open branches too. 😛 (Power Nap)
  11. Worlds expert on Sleep came to teach Sh. Husain Abdul Sattar – when you should sleep and when shouldnt – humans have natural drive to sleep at lunch time and midnight. Showed graph – car accidents=max at midnight, max at noon.
  12. Prophet (saw) begins day at 4am – noon already 8 hours , 15 min nap, then 1pm begining whole new day – 8 more hours. Basically doubling your day. Live this insha Allah.
  13. Deen transmitted by words and actions (lack of action).
  14. Generally after asr – eating/family
  15. Maghrib -> Isha = ibadah/halaqaat/ alot of energy. / hifdh/ dhikr
  16. foundation of this whole schedule – 5 prayers – always there, makes a nice template for my time.
  17. Do Dhikr after Maghrib salaah – establish it there.
  18. say “after fajr im oging to do this, after maghrib im going to do this” etc.
  19. Alhumdulillah for Salaah 🙂