About: Bismillah

This page is being maintained in the path towards Allah subhana wa ta ala, bi’idhnillah

I pray the purpose of this site is to post notes and other items which insha Allah might benefit any other student out there.

All students around Capital District (Troy, Schenectady, Albany) are invited to contribute to the compilation of notes insha Allah.

Majority of the notes will be based from our local Musjid : Musjid Al Hidaya (The House of Guidance)

Speakers include: Sheikh Mokhtar Maghroui , Imam Djafr Sebkhoui , Sheikh Abdul Kadir

May Allah guide us all on the straight path.


9 thoughts on “About: Bismillah”

  1. May Allah sustain our relationships of Islamic faith and beliefs…
    Only He can end the course of this transit from Earth, and take us above..
    Where we will be judged by the good and bad deed we have commited…
    From the day we had control of our lives..Knowing what right from wrong..
    And beliving that there is no God but God and Muhammad (S.A.W.) is his prophet and messenger…
    May Allah give us of what we yrge and need of Him..
    To those who give Him what he deserves as our Lord and what he has asked for…
    Inshallah we will rest assured of the world that we are in is not a place that is never ending…it is a place where we have been given a chance of exploring so that we can later be judged on the Day Of Judment!!!

  2. Assalaam Alaykum !

    Masha Allah great work! Keep it up! May Allah reward you for your efforts!
    I wanted to ask your permission for having your notes posted on our site (actually it has already been posted) : RIS-Live.com . Every session has been linked to your website.

    Jazakumullah Khayr!

  3. This looks like a nice site and has one of the most noble of aims. May Allah grant you success in this life and the next and may Allah guide us all on the right path. Please keep me in your du’aa.


  4. Everyone please spread the word of this site, so that more people can join in and learn from us, as well as so we can learn from them.

    Khairukum mantaalama Qur-an wa-alam!!!! (The best is the one who learn the Quran and preaches it)

    For those who have not memorised at least a few parts of the Q ur-an, try your personal best, because aspects likes this pleases Allah. Its all part of doing something small, for bigger rewards in the end, that will be measured on Judgement day..Inshallah.
    We can learn a lot from each other, with experinces and so forth.


  5. omer salem said:

    jak. thank you very much for taking the time to prepare the notes and email them.

  6. Your notes are good. JazakAllahu Khayrn for uploading them! Like the content of your blog, keep it up.

  7. My parents have recently died. We are Four brothers & One Sister (all married, and have children).

    I have listed down the things which we are supposed to do urgently.

    1. Identifying of the Tarkah
    2. Estimation of Fidya for Soam-o-Salat for mother & father
    3. Identifying of liabilities and allocation of the same to all the worasa
    4. Obtaining of the Fatwa for distribution
    5. Identifying of a regular Sadqa Jariya sort of work for
    Esal-e-sawab of parents on regular basis.
    6. Graves boundry work

    can you please guide me how Islamically can I do all this.And have I missed any thing?

    Jazakumullaho Khairan.

  8. Walekum as salaam warahmatullah
    Please contact your Local Imam for guidelines on how to deal with your situation. I am not a scholar. May Allah bless your parents with ease in the grave ameen.

  9. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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